Match Report
Leicester Grammar School Girls-U12C vs  Stamford
On: Thursday, 16 Nov 2017
Venue: at Home

The C team played excellently, with great team spirit and lots of energy in defence and attack. Skyla Boersma (centre) and Lola Alba (wing) kept pushing the ball forward with Skyla taking at least 4 shots towards the goal, unfortunately being intercepted by the opposition. Great defending by Shreevani Jariwala, Eesha Samani and Sienna Amin. Sienna and Maria Blaine took turns at centre mid with Harriet Inchley in Wing position. Stamford played with determination and took many long shots at the goal, most fortunately missing or being saved by Katie Mills, goal keeper and team captain. Unfortunately one slipped through allowing Stamford to claim a 1 – 0 victory. Team C should be proud of how they played as a great team working together, it was a privilege being their captain for this match Thank you to the organisers, supporters, opposition and the team for a really fun game. (by Katie Mills 7E)