Match Report
Leicester Grammar School 1st XI vs  Uppingham School
On: Thursday, 21 Sep 2017
Venue: at Home

On the 21st September the 1st team played Uppingham, we came out strong dominating the first half with most of the possession due to some great attacks from Emily MacTaggart down the wing. Some fierce defending from man of the match Fran Jones lead to a halftime score of 0-0. After a team talk, we had are sights set on scoring and winning however, it was clear Uppingham also had the same mind-set. With fitness get the better of us the opponent turn over some of our possession and scored 2. This only made us more determined, with great link up play down the pitch leading to a cross into the D by Esme Bliss and ding dong our first goal of the season by Katie O’Connor. With tough press from Uppingham the continued to score leaving the final at 5-1. We came away feeling disappointed with the score after such a great and dominating performance in the first half.

Esme Bliss