Match Report
Leicester Grammar School Girls-U13A vs  Ratcliffe College
On: Tuesday, 05 Dec 2017
Venue: Away

On Tuesday the 5th of December, the U13 A team played in a fixture against Ratcliffe College. It was a thrilling game in which everyone played really well. In the first half, we started strong getting the ball high and tracking back for the counter attacks. This meant that Ratcliffe weren't able to get any possession of the ball and we managed to score an excellent goal from Sophie Levy. The forwards Kiranjeet Kalsi and Nya Patel were great as they were always in space and ready for the ball. The midfielders, but this time not including Emma Williams as she was injured and has officially won the prize for the best Cheerleader, kept the ball moving and Elena Bensi and Tara Bhara stayed strong in the centre and the right of the pitch. Before the halftime whistle blew it was 2-0 to us. Ratcliffe had not managed to score due to some great saves from Micha Raja. In the second half, we were all in the mood and ready to extend our lead. From the off, there was some great defending from Liana Brookes and myself, which meant that again Sophie Levy managed to score with some fantastic skills on the left. I was getting tense as Ratcliffe were on the verge of scoring and almost managed to. Instead we won a short corner. We we attempted something that we knew was risky but in the end it worked out and Elena Bensi scored a brilliant goal. Now with the time running out, I managed to score my first goal of the season and there was just time for Sophie to score a final goal. Special mention to her as she scored a total of 4 goals and won player of the match. The end result was 6-0 to us. Thank you to Miss Feeney for being our coach for the day.

Lucy Weston