Match Report
Leicester Grammar School Girls-U13A vs  Welland Park Academy
On: Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018
Venue: at Home

On Wednesday 24th January, the U13 A team played in a mini tournament against Welland Park A+B and Stoneygate and also against the Leicester Grammar B team who played really well. The first game was against Welland Park A team and it was a really great game. We started a little slow but once we had got into the swing of things we started to pass the ball around a little more evenly. Sophie Levy managed to get in an excellent goal with the help of Tara Bahra, Kiran Kalsi and Emma Williams. Some great keeping meant we were able to get the ball high and score another goal withe a great assist from Elena Bensi. The game finished 2-0. Our next game was against Stoneygate, a tougher opponent, however because of some great defending from myself and some brilliant keeping from Micha Raja we pushed really hard and managed to score some great goals. Tara and Kiran put a huge amount of pressure on to the opposition, forcing them to make mistakes and give us the ball. The game finished 4-0. We were now getting a little more tired but we were still awake and ready to play another game. This time against Welland Park B. This game was not as hard as our previous games but we still had to up our game and make sure we made no silly mistakes. Some excellent passing from Sophie and Elena in midfield meant that we could allow Tara And Kiran and Emma to get high in order to pass to them in the D to score. We had a lot of short corners and used the opportunity to practise all different types which payed off. The game finished again 4-0 to us. We had a little break to get ready for the final showdown against Leicester Grammar B Team. It was and epic match with everyone getting involved. We came out on top in the end but it was a close one. We only managed to score 2 goals because of some great attacking and defending from the B Team, Well played to all the girls involved and thank you to the sports Department for organising the match.

Lucy Weston