Match Report
Leicester Grammar School 1st XI vs  Ratcliffe College
On: Wednesday, 08 Jan 2020
Venue: Away

Leicester Grammar 1st XI hockey team played Ratcliffe away in the National Plate Round 4. We knew the game would be tough as it was our first-time playing hockey after the Christmas period. At half time, we were losing 1-0 but we knew we were not playing up to our usual standards. In the second half, we increased the intensity of our play, resulting in a goal being scored by Chiara Bensi. At the end of the second half, the score was 3-3. Ratcliffe gained the lead twice in a very tense second half, but Leicester Grammar were able to pull back these leads. Two short corner routines meant that Libby Haward was able to deflect the ball into the goal twice at the post. The draw resulted in penalty flicks. Anna Kendall, Francesca Jones and Anna Chapman scored their flicks but unfortunately, we lost the game narrowly 6-7. Thank you to Mrs Laybourne for coaching us.

Emily Kendall