09 Sep 2017
Director of Rugby's Report - Stamford, 9th September

LGS started the rugby season with a considerable challenge against Stamford this weekend. All age groups faced organised, talented sides who had trained together for a substantial period of time before the weekend. The U15 teams were very competitive, with Max Marriot-Clarke, Oscar Holmes and Max Tompkins performing well. All of our other sides suffered heavy losses; Sam Walker, Ben Levy, Seb Moss and John Budenburg defended admirably for the 2nd XV, half backs McCarthy and Gilligan put in good performances for the U13As, whose pack out-scrummaged a bigger and more experienced Stamford side. The U13Bs never gave up and their efforts were commended by the Stamford staff. The U12s showed a great deal of promise in a training fixture which was run superbly by Mr Potter and Mr Francis.

It is clear we have a great deal of work to do and we must aspire to be competitive against teams like Stamford. With focus, attention to detail and most importantly commitment from all pupils involved, it is a very achievable goal.

P T Reeves

Director of Rugby