Match Report
Leicester Grammar School Girls-U13A vs  Nottingham High School
On: Thursday, 23 Sep 2021
Venue: Away

Our second match was away, against Nottingham High School. This fixture was a lot tenser and tighter than our first game. The game began and we were playing well, until unfortunately a lucky goal was scored by the opposition, leading us to 1-0 to Nottingham by halftime. We would not let the score affect us, and we returned to the pitch positive. The game continued to be exceedingly tight, with many goal chances but none scored. That was until a brilliant goal was scored by Lailaa Cayless, and was set up by Lulu Tunstall, getting the equaliser. Following on from this, we earned a short corner and the result of this was an incredible goal by Daisy Wesley, letting us have the advantage of 2-1. However, the opposition proceeded to obtain an equaliser goal, making the score 2-2. This led us to the end of the fixture, and we returned knowing that we did excellently.

Written by Lucia Powell